We make student ideas come to life

Inquiry Hub is a different kind of school because one of our core purposes is to provide a supportive, caring, creative community that helps students make their ideas come to life. DCL time, a network of mentors, and access to resources and equipment always serves the ideal of inspiring students to make, create, or innovate their idea.

At Inquiry Hub, the aspirations of the students help shape the school. We find that our students are quite interested in creative endeavours, such as writing, art, and film-making. However, they are also fascinated by science, computer programming and other high-tech creations. Regardless of whether a learner leans towards art or science, we strongly encourage every individual to create something new and innovative.

About John Sarte

Science and Mathematics Facilitator at the Inquiry Hub at Millside Centre PhD Candidate at The University of British Columbia

02. December 2018 by John Sarte
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